How We Operate

to enact the progressive agenda


100% Volunteer-Powered

Every member of Done Waiting has chosen to dedicate part of their free time to furthering the progressive movement. Our membership comes from around the United States representing different age groups, races, ethnicities, and left-leaning persuasions.

100% Free for Endorsed Campaigns

Our mission is to overcome the influence of money in politics with people power. For this reason, we charge candidates nothing to utilize our field infrastructure. The only requirement of candidates is that they sign our Progressive Solidarity Pledge if selected for an endorsement.

Election Day

100% Non-Profit

All of the money we raise (through dues payments, one-time donations, and merch sales) goes directly into our infrastructure. Nobody affiliated with Done Waiting receives any financial compensation at any time. We currently spend our money on:

- internal communication software

- external communication software

- web hosting

- financial & legal compliance

- voter contact data 

- voter contact infrastructure


100% Flexible

While requiring a weekly time commitment from every volunteering member, we realize that life happens. Our volunteering members are afforded multiple unexcused absences and unlimited absences if conflicts are communicated beforehand.

Person Checking the Phone
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Internship & Fellowship Based

After a series of discussions our members overwhelmingly decided to keep the 'intern' and 'fellow' titles. With their decision many members cited the value these titles provide for job applications, college applications, and receiving academic credit for their experience. Done Waiting, however, is not like traditional internships for all of the factors on this page and more. We stand by our model and will gladly answer any related questions.

Why We're Different

We offer candidates concentrated and consistent support with our field infrastructure in addition to exposure through our social media channels and email list. The progressive movement needs people power to overcome the influence of corporations and dark money in politics. Are you Done Waiting for progressive change?


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