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Getting rid of Corporate Money in our Political System

Done Waiting believes that the corrupting influence of money is a major part of why no progress is being made in the halls of Congress.  As such, Done Waiting refuses to endorse any candidate who takes Corporate PAC donations.  The influence of corporations in politics is showcased in a Princeton study which states; “preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”  We must fight to reclaim our Democracy and keep it one of the people, by the people, and for the people - not the corporations.

The Citizens United court ruling opened the door for corporations to heavily influence politics by allowing them to spend an unlimited amount of money advocating for the candidates they support.  Done Waiting supports a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and keep corporate money out of politics.

Done Waiting also supports the public financing of elections. Done Waiting advocates for public financing bills that will give everyone a fair opportunity to represent their communities. New York City implemented a Campaign Finance Act that promotes small money donations.  The act states that the government must match voter donations of $175 or less six times, but does not do the same for large corporate-backed donations. According to a Brennan Center report, this program has led to an increase in grassroots campaigning, more impact for small donors, greater citizen participation, and a decreased influence of big and corporate money.

Once politicians are out of office, they must also be prevented from furthering the corruption of politics in pursuit of material gain. Done Waiting will support legislation that prevents former Members of Congress from engaging in lobbying for life, which will stop the revolving door of politics.

While Done Waiting pushes for deep systematic change, we will also work to make the role of money in elections more transparent.  Done Waiting will support any legislation that promotes transparency in order for voters to know where campaign funds come from and where they go.