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Medicare for All and Healthcare

Americans spend twice as much on healthcare as other wealthy democracies. Insurance companies rake in billions of dollars a year while adding no value to the quality of care. Currently, 79 million Americans struggle to pay for life-saving procedures, medications, and other health care costs. The medical patients in the richest country in the world should not be denied basic health coverage. We are done waiting.

Medicare for All means one thing: guaranteed healthcare coverage for every American. No exceptions. We must ensure healthcare as a human right which means that nobody should die in this country because they cannot afford to see a doctor. Done Waiting supports H.R. 1384: The Medicare for All Act of 2019. This bill will:

  • Guarantee single-payer health care to every American. This includes dental, vision, and mental health services.

  • Allow all Americans to be able to see any doctor of their choice.

  • Eliminate co-pays, deductibles, and premiums.

  • Save Americans more than $2 Trillion over ten years.

  • Prevent 530,000 Americans from declaring bankruptcy due to medical bills.

Reproductive Services

Medicare for all will help people access the reproductive services they need. Right now, many people are not able to safely seek an abortion because it is too expensive. Under Medicare For All, abortion services would be covered for every person regardless of socioeconomic status. 77% of Americans want abortion to remain safe and legal, and Done Waiting will fight to uphold everyone's Constitutional right to make decisions about their own bodies.

Prescription Drug Pricing

In the last ten years, out-of-pocket prices per prescription of insulin have doubled and the overall cost of insulin has tripled. Americans are dying as a result of this pharmaceutical greed: one in four diabetics report underuse of insulin because of cost-related factors. In addition to saving lives, Medicare for All would put extra money in consumers’ pockets. The time for Medicare for All is now. Let’s save trillions of dollars and guarantee every American equal access to healthcare.