SHARP & Zero Toxicity Policies


Sexual Harassment and Abuse Reporting Policy 


As leftists, we aim to create an organizing space that protects every single person on Done Waiting, regardless of role in the organization, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. This particular policy aims to protect against unwanted sexual advances and provide everyone with guidelines on how to report any harmful incidents. This policy will also provide organization guidelines on how we will handle such situations.


Simply put, we will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or abuse in our organizing spaces. Every single person in Done Waiting is expected to comply with SHARP in order to stay a part of this organization. We want to make clear that we will also not tolerate any sort of sexual misconduct from candidates or organizations working with Done Waiting



Sexual Harassment 

  • Insinuate, propose or demand favors of any kind (sexual, monetary, or otherwise).

  • Invade another person’s personal space (e.g. inappropriate touching.)

  • Stalk, intimidate, coerce or threaten another person.

  • Send or display sexually explicit objects/messages, or send/display threatening objects/messages.

  • Comment on someone’s looks, dress, sexuality or gender in a derogatory or objectifying manner, or a manner that makes them uncomfortable.

  • Make obscene comments, jokes or gestures that are designed to humiliate or offend someone.

  • Pursue or flirt with another person persistently without the other person’s willing participation.

  • Flirting with someone at an inappropriate time (i.e. during an organizing meeting) is considered sexual harassment, even when these advances might have been welcome in a different setting. This is because such actions can harm a person’s professional reputation and expose them to further harassment


Abuse is always considered a serious offense. Abusive behaviors are characterized by:

  • Repetition (occurs regularly, or more than once)

  • Duration (is enduring)

  • Escalation (increasing aggression)

  • Power disparity (the targeted individual lacks the power to successfully defend themselves)

  • Attributed intent

This distinguishes abuse from isolated behaviors and other forms of occupational stress,  and allows the term abuse to be applied in various contexts and to behaviors that meet these characteristics. Many observers agree that abuse is often a repetitive behavior.


Those who are found guilty of being repetitive abusers will be immediately ejected from our organizing spaces, and blacklisted/reported to all associated/relevant organizing communities. (i.e. Someone who is a DSA Youth Climate Strike member will ABSOLUTELY be reported to their respective chapters and national organizations). We do not protect abusers, nor welcome them into Done Waiting.


What We Will Do

  • Any person on Done Waiting who is found guilty of serious harassment will immediately be terminated, regardless of their role in the organization or their level of seniority.

  • If any candidate or organization who works with us displays serious harassment or similar behaviors, we will stop working with them and demand that their respective organization or campaign takes disciplinary action. 

  • We will hear every claim and punish offenders appropriately

  • Remember, sexual harassment isn’t just about what the offender feels that they did. It’s also about how the victim feels. Some may not consider behaviors like flirting etc. to be harassment, but if they make your colleagues feel uncomfortable or unsafe, then you must stop that behaviour immediately. 

  • In Done Waiting, we treat each case of sexual harassment as true and real unless it is proven otherwise. 

  • We will fully support our volunteers and will not take any adverse action against them for reporting sexual harassment 

  • Done Waiting’s HR department and the entire leadership team are responsible and obliged to do their part in preventing sexual harassment. This includes reporting any incidents they are aware of and making sure they do not let their team members think that such behavior is okay. All Done Waiting membership is obliged to report any incidents to HR.

Disciplinary action and repeat offenders

  • Employees who are found guilty of sexual assault will be terminated after the first complaint and investigation.

  • Employees who are found guilty of sexual harassment (but not assault) the first time may:

  • Be reprimanded 

  • Be required to move departments and/or be demoted

  • We will terminate repeat offenders after the second claim against them if our investigation concludes they are indeed guilty.We apply these disciplinary actions uniformly. Employees of any sexual orientation or other protected characteristics will be penalized the same way for the same offenses.


How to Report Sexual Harassment

  • Please report any incidents, whether they involve you or not, to Matthew Apostle the Internal Relations Manager. 

    • Message him privately on discord 

    • You can also ask to have a video meeting with Mattew Apostle

    • Please include as many details as you can (time, date, place, person, etc.)

  • If you decide to report anything to the police, our organization will provide written documentation as a record of what happened.

  • If you feel that any harassment that has occurred was inadvertent, you can still report it to HR so they can let the person know not to do it again.

  • HR or managers must not, under any circumstances, blame the victim, conceal a report or discourage employees from reporting discrimination. If HR or a manager behaves that way, please send an email to their own manager, senior HR leader, or Cole explaining the situation.

  • Helping harassment victims

    • Apart from investigating claims and punishing perpetrators, we want to support the victims of sexual harassment. If you experience trauma, stress or other symptoms because of harassment, we will support you in taking some time off etc. Your role will not be changed. 


HR responsibilities

  • Ask for as many details and information as possible from the person or people making the complaint.

  • Keep copies of the report with dates, times and details of incidents and any possible evidence in a confidential file (separate from the personnel file.) HR should update this file with all future actions and conversations regarding this complaint.

  • Launch an investigation - this can be as simple as direct messaging the people involved. If the matter is complex, the HR person can defer to a more senior manager.

  • Check if there have been similar reports on the same person. If there are, HR should contact the perpetrator’s manager to let them know that their team member may get fired when the investigation is over.

  • Inform the harassed employees of our company’s procedures and their options to take legal action if appropriate.

  • Take into account the wishes of the harassed employee. Some might want the matter to be resolved informally and discreetly, while others might expect more radical actions (e.g. transferring the perpetrator.) HR should consider the circumstances and decide on appropriate action.

  • Contact the harasser and set up a meeting to explain the complaint and explicitly ask for this behavior to stop, or,

  • Arrange for mediation sessions with the two employees (harasser and perpetrator) to resolve the issue, if the harassed employee agrees or,

  • Launch a disciplinary process depending on the severity of the harassment. In cases of sexual assault or coercing someone to sexual favors under threats, we will terminate the harasser immediately. We will terminate employees who are found guilty in a court of law of sexually assaulting another employee, even if HR has not conducted its own investigation.

  • HR or managers must not, under any circumstances, blame the victim, conceal a report or discourage employees from reporting sexual harassment. If HR or a manager behaves that way, please send an email to their own manager, senior HR leader, or Cole explaining the situation.

  • We welcome any feedback or complaints about our procedures and how our employees handled each case.


Zero Toxicity Policy 


Toxicity has no place at Done Waiting. Done Waiting is a fun and positive place where we can participate in enacting progressive change. Maintaining a culture of positivity and trust is the most important thing we do, and everyone is responsible for contributing to our culture of positivity. We are progressives and leftists, and we need to hold ourselves to the high ethical standards that we demand of others. 


We have zero tolerance for toxicity. Based on the nature of the toxic behavior, consequences may include a formal warning, removal from a leadership role, or termination of your position and removal from the organization. 


Our Zero Toxicity Policy applies to everyone in our organization. We do not tolerate toxic behavior from anyone, including leaders. We also do not tolerate toxic behavior directed at anyone, including leaders. 


Our Zero Toxicity Policy applies to our internal communication messages in Done Waiting, like messages sent in our discord server, messages in the chat during our bimonthly org-wide call, or comments made during our phone banking sessions. It also applies to other mediums of communication outside of our organization, like a private discord server. 


We can’t monitor what happens in private discord servers or in other forms of private communication. But if you believe that toxic behavior is happening in a private forum and other members in our organization have been hurt by it, please contact Alyssa Bowen (Internal Affairs Director) in the HR Department.


Venting, complaining, or expressing frustration or annoyance in a private setting is not inherently toxic. But it quickly can become toxic if not careful. 


A good rule of thumb regarding toxic behavior is whether it passes the “screenshot test”. If you’re wondering whether something is toxic, ask yourself whether it would look problematic if someone sent a screenshot of it. If the answer is yes, the behavior likely is toxic. Be careful when you post— as we’ve already seen, there is always a risk that someone may take a screenshot of your message and send it around. 


Toxic behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:


-Making derogatory comments regarding physical attributes of other members of our organization— height, weight, etc. 


-Making derogatory comments regarding aspects of someone’s identity or struggles in our organization— race, sexuality, mental health, socioeconomic status, etc. 


-Bullying in any form of anyone in our organization. 


-Sharing private information that other members have told you in confidence, especially about sensitive personal matters like mental health, etc. 


-Lying to leadership regarding your work in the organization. 


-Abusing your leadership position in the organization— for example, trying to get your friends in leadership positions even if they are not committed to the org and they are not doing a good job. 


-Talking about sexual acts in our organization’s discord or using overtly sexual language. We have many young people and we need to keep this a safe and comfortable environment for all people of all ages. 


-Publicly criticizing the org in our discord with language and tone that is not constructive. We are always trying to improve our org, but it is important to communicate all suggestions and feedback in a constructive way so we can continue fostering a culture of respect and positivity. 


-Criticizing someone’s work on the organization in a public channel on our discord. We are not interested in creating a culture of public shaming. If you have a problem with something or someone, please use the correct channels to discuss it in a private and respectful way. You can use the anonymous feedback form or DM the director of the relevant department. 


-For example, if you have a problem with a social media post, you can message the social media director. Do not put a message in a public channel criticizing a post. In the past, when people have posted in public forums about social media posts, other people start piling on, and that has really hurt the creator of the post. Everyone here is a volunteer and needs to feel respected and appreciated, not publicly humiliated.