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Gender Equality

The World Economic Forum's “Global Gender Gap Report” tells us that Americans have to wait 208 more years to achieve gender equality. 208 years is roughly three lifetimes. Three lifetimes of women and otherwise identifying folks working harder to have access to the same opportunities as cis-men. Three lifetimes of women of color making significantly less than their white male counterparts. Three lifetimes of women and non-binary people struggling to have basic control over their own bodies. Done Waiting will do everything in our power to make gender equality a reality in our lifetime, because we are done waiting.


Reproductive Rights 


Done Waiting is committed to defending and expanding reproductive rights, and believes that the basic right to bodily autonomy should not be violated or affected by income or zip code. Done Waiting is also committed to consulting women, nonbinary people, and activists on this issue to ensure his policies align with those who are most affected when access to reproductive healthcare is restricted.


  • Done Waiting will not accept any federal, state, or local restrictions to reproductive healthcare or birth control, or any cuts to HIV/AIDS care.

  • Done Waiting is 100% pro-choice, pro-birth control access, and pro-family planning services. 

  • Done Waiting will defend access to prenatal and postnatal care. 

  • Done Waiting supports complete federal funding for Planned Parenthood, Title X, and any other actions or resources that defend and expand women’s healthcare, birth control access, safe abortion access, and access to scientific and medically accurate sexual education that includes all sexual orientations and identities. 

  • Done Waiting does not support the Hyde amendment, and will support efforts to overturn it. 


Done Waiting recognizes that basic human rights protected under Roe v. Wade have been repeatedly violated through underhanded and malicious legislative attempts. Done Waiting will oppose any attempt to restrict or overturn Roe v. Wade and ensure all pregnant people have access to the care they need. 


Women’s Rights 

Currently, the United States government does not adequately address gender inequality, reproductive freedom, workplace harassment, sexual assault, and many other gender-based issues. Done Waiting recognizes that until these issues are fully addressed by Congress, sexism will continue to be an institutional problem in the United States. This is unacceptable. 


  • Done Waiting supports passing and ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, and increasing the deadline of the Equal Rights Amendment to ensure that it passes quickly.

  • The Violence Against Women Act expired at the beginning of 2019, which Done Waiting sees as a huge failure of the current government. Done Waiting supports reauthorizing it. 

  • Done Waiting believes all women and nonbinary people have the right to safe workplaces, equal pay, and full access to healthcare. 

  • Equal pay for Equal work: Done Waiting is committed to ensuring that all women, including women of color and indigenous women, lesbian, queer, bisexual, transgender people, disabled people, and nonbinary people are paid the same everyone else.

  • Done Waiting will support labor legislation that restricts the discrimination and exploitation experienced by working women.

  • Done Waiting supports decriminalizing sex work to ensure that exploitation of and violence against those who participate in sex work is reduced.

  • Done Waiting strongly opposes any gun laws that allow those convicted of domestic abuse to legally access firearms. Done Waiting is committed to ensuring that those who have had a PPO (Personal Protection Order) issued against them are barred from buying or owning a gun, even after the PPO has expired. 

  • Done Waiting will protect and enforce Title IX in order to protect people from harassment, discrimination, and violence. A person's education should not be affected by any of these issues. Done Waiting is committed to fight against sexual harassment in the workplace and in the military.


Women across America deal with gender inequality on a daily basis; the holes is our laws allow for persistent discrimination, aggression, harassment, and violence. Done Waiting will prioritize addressing gender inequality. Gender inequality is intertwined with economic justice, racial justice, criminal justice, climate change, healthcare, and almost all other issues that our country faces. A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats women, and by treating women’s rights as human rights, we will be able to work towards reducing a multitude of different issues our country faces.