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We can give you an army.

An endorsement from Done Waiting provides candidates so much more than a symbolic gesture of confidence. When we commit to supporting a candidate, we commit all of our resources, including our army of volunteers, towards getting another progressive in a position of power. Done Waiting actively campaigns for our endorsed candidates by making calls, sending texts, and mobilizing our people power to create grassroots movements.



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We expect and require that the candidates we endorse uphold the following:


Once in office, I pledge to always support candidates and policies that embody the progressive values in Done Waiting's platform, especially the values of respect and equality for all, in order to catalyze institutional change in this country. I will not support candidates that are antithetical or noncommittal to this cause, even if this will be inconvenient or have consequences with my colleagues.

It is essential to our organization that we see you supporting other progressives and trying to advance the movement. You must not support corporate democrats over progressives because they are loyal to corporations, not their constituency.


If our organization sees that you have broken your Progressive Solidarity Pledge, we will publicly rescind our endorsement and possibly mobilize resources against your candidacy. Our organization will be monitoring Progressives in office as well as candidates they have endorsed.

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Shervin Aazami

Shervin Aazami (Democratic Party) is running for election to the U.S. House to represent California's 32nd Congressional District. He is an "immigrant, public health activist, husband, father, and working class champion fighting for economic and racial justice."


Nina Turner

Nina Turner (Democratic Party) is running for election to the U.S. House to represent Ohio's 11th Congressional District. She is a former Cleveland City Councillor, Ohio State Senator, and national Co-Chair for Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign.

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Adam Christensen

Adam Christensen (Democratic Party) ran for election to the U.S. House to represent Florida's 3rd Congressional District. He was on the ballot in the general election on November 3, 2020. Done Waiting made over 60,000 calls for Adam's campaign in less than two months. Adam turned out historic numbers of Democrats and Independents in a Republican stronghold.




Crowd Protesting



Deep Canvassing:

Medicare for All

Over the span of a few months, Done Waiting made 77,209 calls to voters in Florida in support of Medicare for All. By taking a deep canvassing approach, our members were able to have long form conversations with people of all political backgrounds and increase support across the board.


2020-21 Georgia Senate Runoff

Senators Warnock and Ossoff did not go through our endorsement process, so instead of calling in support of their campaigns, Done Waiting made calls to increase Democratic voter turnout. In the month before the runoff election

 Done Waiting had conversations with over 15,000 Georgians.

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Green New Deal

One of our missions is to bend the establishment to the will of the people. Over a little more than two weeks, Done Waiting made more than 20,000 calls to residents of MI-12 encouraging them to contact their representative, Rep. Debbie Dingell, in support of the Green New Deal. Rep. Dingell considers herself a progressive and does not support the GND.