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Tuition-Free College and Eliminating Student Debt

  • Student debt disproportionately affects women and minorities. Women hold two thirds of all student debt; one third of Latino borrowers do not complete their degrees, as opposed to only one fourth of white borrowers. Black students disproportionately take out loans and graduate with more debt than white students. This enforces racial wealth disparities and leads to minorities paying higher student loans, over a longer period of time, and with more interest.

  • No more. Done Waiting supports:

    • The cancellation of $1.6 trillion in student debt by increasing the federal income tax on the top 1%, rolling back the corporate tax breaks, as well as a wealth tax.

    • The College for All Act, which will provide $41 billion per year to eliminate tuition and fees at higher education institutions.

    • $1.3 billion funding of non-profit Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

  • What will this eliminating student debt do for our economy?

    • Cancelling student loan debt and eliminating public school tuition will save the average borrower about $3,000 per year. This allows these borrowers to have more economic mobility and actually participate in more sectors of the economy (buying houses, travel etc).​

    • Access to higher education for everybody, no matter their race or gender identity. We must invest in our people.