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Affordable Housing

Here’s what we can do to fix our housing problem, at a national and local level. Done Waiting supports:

  • Immediately pausing rent, utility, and mortgage payments during the COVID-19 pandemic, and creating a fund to support landlords for their loss of income.

  • Repealing the Faircloth Amendment so the government can start building new sustainable public housing communities immediately.

  • Any policy to create robust, economically and ecologically sustainable public housing in our community.

    • Green New Deal for Public Housing Act.

  • Improving the Fair Housing Act, because no family should have to choose between groceries, health care, or paying their rent.

  • Requiring landlords to issue ‘just cause’ before an eviction in order to allow for a more fair process.

  • A 3% cap on the increase of rent prices each year, both for business fronts and residential housing.

    • This will also help discourage gentrification in communities of color.

  • Pouring more resources into Section 8 vouchers in order to eliminate the waitlist for all eligible families.

  • Working with local advocacy groups and the homeless populations in order to create policies that work for the community.

  • Blocking any laws that prohibit homelessness or defund homeless programs.